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Rwanda / US trade mission


The RWANDA -USA Business connect is an event organized by Susa tours Ltd, a tour and travel company based in Rwanda registered with RDB, under the low of the Republic of Rwanda, in Partnership with the Africa Business Association operating under the Low of the United States, and the US Commercial Services Los Angeles.

Dates of the trip and Itinerary: It is a 10 days trip, expected to start on 15 th to 24 th January 2o22, the delegation will arrive in Los Angeles on 16 th January 2022 and will be having a b2b meeting on 17 th January 2022 in LA and will spend five days before heading to Las Vegas for 5 more days, where the delegation will have a second b2b meeting and visit manufacturers and ware houses.

The main objectives of the tour are:

  • To link our business operators to manufacturers with a purpose of introducing the US high quality made products to our local and regional market.
  • To promote business partnerships and other networking for business promotions,
  • to facilitate dialogue on best business practices.


  • There is an expected knowledge transfer.
  • we are expecting to build fruitful business relationship with manufacturers and this might result into introduction of more quality products on our market as well as representations of top producers of needed merchandises,
  • possible of joint venturing to foster business growth among our business community and those from the United States, the United States had registered 1.6 billion in total (two ways) goods trade with by 2017EAC


As Rwanda has become a hub of business and innovation due to good leadership and trade facilitations, Rwanda has access to Africa market through Robust free trade agreements such as:

COMESA: with a market of 492M and an import of 212 billion USD by 2019 and an export of 212 billion USD.

EAC with a market of 177 M, GDP Current market price 193.7 billion USD 2019.

Tripartite free trade Area Agreement COMESA EAC SADC with a market of 600M

Either for international investors setting up Manufacturing plants in Rwanda or Suppliers of different quality products manufactured abroad, business operators have at access to a minimum of 90M of consumers, from our Region,: DRC, Burundi and Rwanda

Why doing business with Rwanda? less corrupt country, ranked 49 globally and 4 th in Africa.

We an entry point to Burundi: 12,422,255 with a population growth rate of 2.6 %, and DRC, DRC itself has a population 93,652,980 M with a growth of 3.19% plus the population of Rwanda of 13,000,000 M with a grown of 5%

Rwanda is rates among the least corrupt countries in the world 49 and 4 th less corrupt country in Africa which attracts the whole region to get products through Rwanda.

On this Mission we will be travelling with the Following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical products (drugs)
  • Food stuffs and beverages
  • Industrial machinery
  • Textile and garments
  • Electrical machinery and equipment:
  • Iron and steel
  • Medical apparatus
  • Stationary materials
  • Electrical and plumbing material
  • Interior design and furniture
  • Plastic and packaging
  • Education, Tourism and Hospitality


  • DRC: Democratic Republic of Congo, A country located in the south-West Of Rwanda.
  • RDB: Rwanda Development Board, A government institution that deals with everything related to the development of Rwanda.
  • EAC: East Africa Community, a regional intergovernmental organization composed with 6 partner States
  • COMESA: Common market for Eastern and southern Africa.

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